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Landpac Limited is offering you a golden opportunity to become a landlord in Dhaka city and to grow rich in your sleep for the first time in Bangladesh.

Whereas other developer companies offer you to buy an apartment at a rate of Tk. 7000/- or Tk. 8000/- or more per sft along with cost of car parking and utilities; we, the Landpac Limited offer you to become a land-owner by purchasing a share only in our land projects at an attractive and reasonable price. Then you can build your dream home on your own land at actual cost under the utmost supervision and coordination of Landpac Limited. At the day end when you will sit to calculate how much you have grown rich, you will discover that you are getting your dream apartment at a half or less than half of the price than the price hiked by other developer companies.

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How do we work: Happiness for both parties

Even some years ago, the people would dream to buy their apartment from a developer company. They would save money from their daily livelihood, sacrifice their wantings and finally would invest their hard-earned money a lot of amount for the apartment. The result was that the client would face a critical financial crisis; on the other hand the developer company would be very happy.

But Landpac Limited always thinks about the happiness of both parties. The above mentioned one-sided concept is rapidly changing. Now-a-days the people want to become the owner of a piece of land by forming a group of similar minds where they will build their sweet home.

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